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Women Men Objects Editorial

Erik Schedin

From Stockholm, Sweden
Founded in 2004

During his final year at Beckmans College in Stockholm in 2004, Erik Schedin designed what is considered to be the first of its kind; a minimal sneaker with no labels or logos featuring a monochromatic white leather upper and matching Italian-made rubber sole. Schedin officially launched his brand's webshop shortly after introducing the shoe, simply offering his white leather sneaker alongside a pair of deadstock American Optical frames and a Pledge furniture spray. The website quickly caught the attention of menswear blogs around the world and eventually landed his shoes a spot on the floor at the prestigious concept store, Dover Street Market.


Since then, Schedin has partnered with the legendary Japanese fashion label, Comme des Garcons, producing a collaborative sneaker celebrating the tenth anniversary of his brand. He continues to produce the original sneaker that was designed back in 2004, available exclusively on his own website and now at Neighbour.