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Needles Sale

From Japan
Founded in 1997

Needles serves as one vital branch of Keizo Shimizu’s legendary Japanese apparel conglomerate, Nepenthes. Amongst several brands in their stable, including Daiki Suzuki's Engineered Garments, Nepenthes founder Shimizu created Needles to fill the need for what could be coined as progressive streetwear. The label takes influence from vintage Americana, classic sportswear, and the unending inspiration of military garments and workwear. Besides these broad spheres of men's wear, Shimizu continues to draw heavily from past cultural figures and movements from Japan and America. Its charm lies in staying rooted in the historical, while obsessed with reinventing itself over and again, season after season. Shimizu "creates the collection freely without any compromise. Each product is an extension of his aesthetics."