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Women Men Objects Editorial

Engineered Garments Sale

From Tokyo, Japan and New York, USA
Founded in 1999

The world according to Daiki Suzuki. Founder of the label and designer at the helm since the turn of the century, Suzuki has engineered a collection that is deeply personal and comes from his private ruminations on clothing. This along with the pillars of Americana, outdoor clothing and military uniforms all mesh into a singular philosophy of garment design for both of his men's and women's collections. On a seasonal basis, EG remasters favourite iconic styles such as the Bedford jacket or Andover pants, but often builds each season from scratch with fabric research as the starting point. Daiki embraces the ephemerality of his garments, whereby their true character is developed via lifelong wear and the imperfect blemishes that are sustained along the way. The label shares manufacturing resources in both Japan and the United States.