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Women Men Objects Editorial

Taiga Takahashi Sale

From Kyoto and New York
Founded in 2021

From Kyoto and New York
Founded in 2021

After graduating from Central Saint Martens College in London, Taiga Takahashi moved to New York where he began the art practice that ultimately culminated in the foundation of his eponymous label. Working as a self-described sartorial "archeologist", he drew on his archive of over 1000 garments, produced from the 18th to 20th centuries in the United States, for inspiration. The memories embedded in the referenced archive are overwritten as Takahashi's own garments navigate the world and take on lives of their own. 


Tragically, in the Spring of 2022, Takahashi passed away unexpectedly, leaving his label in the hands of his collaborative team. They will maintain his will and legacy, continuing to design garments ripped from time-simultaneously looking back, living now, and existing for the future on the horizon.