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From London, England
Founded in 2009

From London, England
Founded in 2009

Drawing inspiration from the Great British Steam Age, Central Saint Martins alumni, William Kroll, presents his vision of antique workwear. Traditionally, the "tender" was the vehicle which carried the necessary coal and water to power a locomotive steam train. Crafted from riveted cast iron, the tender was built exceptionally solid in order to transport fuel and enable a train to make its journey across Britain.


All of Tender's clothing and objects are produced in England. The skills necessary to make these pieces are specialized and difficult to find. The garments are produced in small runs, often only a handful of pieces in any one style. A central idea of Tender's philosophy is that the potential of the work and experience which goes into each product only culminates and manifests after the garment has been well worn and becomes a part of the owner's life.