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Perfumer H

From London, England
Founded in 2015

From London, England
Founded in 2015

Perfumer H is the perfume house that gives insight into the craft of British perfumer, Lyn Harris. Harris trained in Grasse, France under Robertet in the mid-1990s. Afterward, Harris returned to the UK to set up her own laboratory and pioneered the Bespoke service. Recognised as one of the UK's few classically trained perfumers, Lyn has been commissioned to create fragrances for many renowned brands in fashion and beauty over the years. She also founded her own fragrance house, Miller Harris in 2000 before starting Perfumer H.  Perfumer H describes itself as unconventional with one style, one vision, an olfactory dream. Creating fragrances for all aspects of life, Perfumer H is relentless in her pursuit to create fragrances that resonate life and are refined and integral to Harris' own personal style. Today the effortless ease of how she uses her materials combined with the magic of science leads to olfactory landscapes that are unconventional and evoke curiosity.