(Pictured above): Monocle x Comme des Garcons Sugi Perfume | Chen Chen & Kai Williams Stone Cantaloupe Planter | Waka Waka Scallops Powder-Coated Steel Bookends | Maison Balzac Etrangete Candle



Jed & Marne Multistripe Woven Shorts | Norse Projects Neoprene 5 Panel Cap Mouse Grey | Eytys Mother Sneaker Suede Cream 



Comme des Garcons Luxury Group Full Zip Wallet Black | Our Legacy Sunglasses Void Coffe Inventory Magazine Issue 12 SS15 | Junghans Max Bill Quartz Wristwatch Blue | Kaweco Ballpoint and Fountain Pens 



Dana Lee Modern SS Shirt Chlorox | Dana Lee Modern SS Shirt Ochre | Our Legacy First Shirt Washed Yellow Poplin



Norse Projects Einar Backpack Black | Acne Studios Adrian Grain Black | Acne Studios Adrian Grain White 



Fantastic Man Issue No. 21 | Tom Daxon Shower Gels | Vestoj Journal Issue 4 "On Fashion and Power"



Mismo MS Office Rust Red | Our Legacy Sunglasses Cirrus Amber | Lemaire Elasticated Sneaker Cotton Canvas Chalk


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