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Island Slipper

Made by hand in Hawaii since 1946. Following a line from ancient Hawaiian ti leaf sandals, Japanese zoris, and the ubiquitous rubber “slippah,” Island Slipper continues a tradition of authenticity and innovation. Island Slipper began in the early 1940s when Takizo and Misao Motonaga opened their factory in the Kaka‛ako district of Honolulu. One of the early innovations by Takizo was to design left and right slippers, a change from the symmetrical rectangular shape of traditional Japanese zoris. The Motonagas continued Island Slipper, producing a premium high-end product that stood out in a growing sea of cheaper rubber slippers. In 1984 the company was passed down to an innovative, design-oriented local who reinvented the technology of the slipper to flourish in the modern market, yet still keep its foundational philosophy and island flair. Today Island Slipper is the last of the original factories to make 100% of their product in the Islands.

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