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Women Men Objects Editorial

Cobra SC

From New York, USA
Founded in 2017

In Fall of 2017, a newfound clothing imprint from New York, Cobra S.C., emerged with a focus on one article of clothing - the button-up shirt. Design duo, Safa Taghizadeh and Christopher Reynolds, began the shirting label with the intention to develop just one set of products for one garment category at a time. Classically tailored shirts are produced exclusively by the hands of Italian craftspeople. The finest of textiles and techniques in hand-finishing are used to weave together Cobra's singular viewpoint. An eye for specialty fabrics and ironic plays on texture, both visual and tactile, is what can be expected from the label. Cobra's enigmatic presence lingers onto their website, as it cites Rowland S. Howard's album Teenage Snuff Film for any trace of brand information. One can only presume that the label, Cobra SC (abbreviated for Safa and Chris) is deeply influenced perhaps by the aura of style and artistic values portrayed by the late Australian punk legend.