As part of our on-going series where we ask friends of Neighbour to choose their favourite pieces this season, we are pleased to present selections by one of our neighbours, Max King of Stüssy.

Book collector, plant whisperer, and founder of the Lonely Dancers Society; Max is a BC native with a passion for curating exceptional retail experiences in his role as Retail Director for Stüssy. Known for his romantic views of the west coast, Max’s lifestyle is inspired by the surf, driftwood, and wilderness when he’s not running around in the city.



Harris Wharf Boxy Boiled Wool Coat

“I love this jacket, don’t let the ‘boxy’ description fool you, it’s not gonna turn you into a rectangle. The shape is really quite perfect and there is some slight stretch in the fabric for you active folks too."



Hed Mayner Straight Pants

“Often, I find that the unconventional rarely slides into a classic aesthetic in my mind, but these pleated bad boys are simple and clean while also interesting enough to separate themselves from all the other stacks of slacks.”



Kaweco Liliput Aluminium Pen

“I make sure to always have a pen and pad in my pocket wherever I go. Whether I’m filling out immigration forms while I’m travelling or jotting down passwords I’ll most likely forget, having a compact pen that takes up little to no room in my pocket is essential. You can never go wrong with any product from Kaweco in my opinion.”



Our Legacy Suede Zip Shirt

“I actually see this shirt/jacket matching perfectly with a pair or of stonewashed denim or some weird orange track pants, its got some diversity to it. Suede and navy together really work for me, especially in a way that can be dressed up or down easily…So creamy!”



Robert Clergerie Ban Slofox Derbies

“This is an obvious choice but I don’t care. Maybe I am just older now but I love wearing derby’s, they just go with everything and always look considered. These are functional, comfortable (after some heel perseverance), and timeless.”



IG: @teenagesunscreen