In his recent interview with SHOWstudio, Gosha Rubchinskiy shares an intimate view into his own history, inspiration and greater, holistic vision for his brand.

Upon discovering a fashion magazine at the age of fourteen, the Moscow artist recalls spending his breakfast money on this magazine full of impactful imagery. He cites this experience as a pivotal moment in his own personal revolution, whereby he decided he would either become a fashion designer or a rockstar. He is quite honest that his ambition was never directed towards fame, but rather a desire to fulfill an interesting life, emulating those people he observed in the pages of this magazine.

Although he has successfully played the game of the fashion industry, Rubchinskiy’s passion lies in his greater project. An amalgamation of clothing, photography, film making, and more. His mission is to share the perspective of his peers in Moscow with the rest of the world. Through this he hopes to challenge stereotypes surrounding the youth of Moscow and by extension, Russia.

Drawing on the energy of Moscow’s youth culture, Gosha utilizes this inspiration as the anchor in his creative process.