In a new, on-going series where we ask friends of Neighbour to choose their favourite pieces this season, we are pleased to present selections by Ryan Willms, Inventory Magazine's editor-in-chief.

The Vancouver-based creative known for founding Inventory Magazine, and more recently for his new role as marketing director of Stussy, is often busy and on the move. Despite a demanding schedule, Ryan always seems to make time to visit the shop and take a thoughtful look through our latest deliveries. These are five of his favourite pieces. 


1) Gosha Rubchinskiy Flannel Half Pullover

"Gosha’s Fall-Winter ’15 collection was probably his best yet, making some serious strides with his mid-weight and outerwear pieces. This pullover has a cool silhouette and I like the oversized collar."



2) Comme des Garcons Classic Wallet

"The wallet collection from CDG is always good, and I’ve been leaning towards getting a small clutch sized option for myself, and this one is just androgynous enough."



3) Neighbour Shetland Sweater

"Neighour’s in-house products are always classic, understated and easy pieces to mix in. The Shetland wool sweater is probably my favourite, especially in Winter White."


4) John Pawson’s A Visual Inventory

Pawson is an incredible talent, and his tastes and aesthetic perspective go well-beyond the interiors he designs. From graphic design to photography, he can do little wrong and this book is a fine example of how even the most casual observations can be packaged in a beautiful way.


5) Acne Ash Jeans 

"It’s surprisingly hard to find the perfect black jeans. The right fabric, the right cut and the right shade of black—maybe these are them?"