An anomaly in the world of fashion today, Stephan Schneider has taken great strides to create a brand that is fully independent which means the label is wholly designed, produced and distributed by him and his tight-knit team in Antwerp. In an age where fast fashion is celebrated and luxury brands are based heavily on the race for commerce, few brands are willing to prioritize garment-making before "brand"-marketing. Schneider has stuck to his guns for 20 years, keeping the main operations of his company within Belgium and building longstanding working relationships with staff and partner factories. This outlook, as the designer suggests, keeps the Stephan Schneider label grounded and focused on delivering product with transparency and integrity.

In an interview with F*ckingYoung, Stephan Schneider delves into his origin story, remaining hands-on with design and his contrary approach to current fashion systems.

Read the interview by Marlo Saalmink: here.

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