A prominent German artist, Katharina Grosse, recently occupied Russia's Garage Museum of Contemporary Art before its official relocation to a new and permanent, grandiose centre in Moscow. "Yes No Why Later" transforms the 800 square meter exhibition space into a surreal, post-apocalyptic scene using natural materials such as soil and trees that mirror the external surroundings of the Garage space, Gorky Park.

I had a chance this last month to view Grosse's work firsthand in my hometown, Moscow. As soon as you enter the art space, it haunts you with its massive scale and rich colour palette. You experience a metaphoric journey inside the canvas of a painting, where the objects are hectic and tangible. Bold colours are mixed in a chaotic manner at first sight, but soon you notice a thoughtful harmony of colours between the canvas pleats and soil, that reveals itself. Beneath the canvas is a journey in and of itself, where a pathway or "void space" takes you around the perimeter of the space where the artwork can be experienced from a whole new point of view.

More of Katharine Grosse' work: http://www.katharinagrosse.com