When Madeline Vionnet began her career in couture at the house of Callot Soeurs in 1901, she learned a technique for cutting cloth diagonal to the grain of the fabric, enabling it to cling to the body while moving with the wearer. She used the cut to promote the potential for expression and motion, integrating comfort and movement as well as form into her designs. Vionnet went on to perfect the art of the the bias cut, and is often mistakenly credited for its invention.  

The beauty of a bias cut shines through in its simplest and most iconic form; the slip dress.   

This multi-season staple has limitless layering capabilities, from the classic to the unexpected, and translates seamlessly from casual to formal attire with varying degrees of sensuality. Organic by John Patrick has expertly adapted the classic in Cupro, a biodegradable And Oeko-Tex Certified cotton fabric that looks, feels and behaves like silk.