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Stone Island

From Italy Founded in 1982

From Italy
Founded in 1982

Stone Island is, in a word, research.


The company’s dedication to research and experimentation lends to the brand’s enduring, and international appeal. Founded in 1982 by Massimo Osti, the company is now led by Carlo Rosetti, a staunch supporter of Stone Island’s past and future. Heavily invested, Rosetti has continued the tradition of Stone Island’s forbearers, ensuring that the newest advances in textile and fiber research are developed, and applied, in-house so as to continue the history of innovation and refinement. Reflective and thermosensitive fabrics capable of changing colour depending on the condition, to Kevlar and polyester felt, and featherweight polyester blends coated with the same steel film used in aviation are just a few examples of the fabrics derived from Stone Island’s philosophy and praxis.  Furthermore, the company excels at combining these advances in textile technology with highly advanced dyeing techniques, the result of which has produced over 60,000 different recipes for garment dye since the company’s inception.


Lastly, the adoption of Stone Island by various subcultures is one that cannot be understated. While the signature arm badge has become synonymous with the quality, and dedication of Stone Island’s research team, it may now be argued that the badge has evolved into something more, something that has transcended the bounds of the fashion and sportswear world into a realm composed of coteries dedicated to exclusivity.