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Women Men Objects Editorial


From New York City
Founded in 2017

Prounis Jewelry originates from Jean Prounis’ desire to pay homage to her ancestry.  Her great-grandparent, Otto Prounis, was a co-proprietor of the Versailles night club in the 1940s, a celebrated cabaret that was located across from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.  Luminaries such as Edith Piaf, who made her US debut at the club in 1949, Texas Guinan, and Perry Como were regulars.  The club was resplendent with the era’s finery-- custom silver, embroidered linens, and hand-gouached menus were the standard.  The club’s legacy of beautifully crafted objects made its way to Prounis’ grandparent's home.


To carry on the family tradition, Prounis Jewelry makes its debut in 2017.  Each piece is hand-wrought in a custom shade of 22 karat gold.  The collection incorporates precious and semi-precious gems, produced using ancient goldsmithing techniques.  Jean refers to the aesthetic of Prounis Jewelry as “Meso-Greco-Aleppo”, calling out her love of antiquities, and her desire to carry on the family lineage of creating a treasured memory and object.

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