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From Germany
Founded in 1861

After over 150 years in the field, proud German watchmakers, Junghans, have kept everything about their company in tact since its genesis – whether quality, dependability, passion or flawless precision. With operations in Schramberg, Junghans' long-standing tradition has been committed to homegrown German craftsmanship with new technologies and innovations that are respected all over the world. With a conscious decision to still refer to itself as a “watch factory with state-of-the-art national and international business structures.


A striking example of the meaning of "good form" in horology was provided by the artist Max Bill with his 1961 watch designs for Junghans. Rarely has the catchphrase "reduction to the essential" found expression so impressively. Every Max Bill by Junghans is a reaffirmation of the ideals of the Bauhaus era. The aesthetic appeal of the design together with precise technology forms the unique combination that continues to make an original "Max Bill" so attractive after more than 50 years.

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