Growing up in Bregenzerwald in the Austrian Alps, Susanne was taught from an early age of the healing powers of the plants by her grandmother. When she joined her family business at the Hotel Post Bezau, she sought to transform the spa into a place of modernity, with natural light, clean lines, and natural products that used the knowledge handed down to her by her grandmother. This same ideal has fuelled the creation of every product, combining scientific research and purity of ingredient, as well as sustainability and local-sourcing.

We at Neighbour quickly fell in love with every product we have tried, and we know you will too. With every product completely natural and fully biodegradable - so you can feel ok about it washing down the drain - as well as incredibly effective, this is skin care that takes self love to another level. 

The Cooling Foot Cream is ideal for chapped and dry feet, with menthol leaving the skin feeling refreshed and cooled. It pampers the feet with marigold, lavender and vitamin E oils, and with regular use can prevent calluses. It's perfect for springtime, when you want to get your feet ready for sandal weather.


A pleasant way to revitalize the body, the Body Scrub uses fine sand and pumice to remove dead skin cells and promote circulation and skin cell renewal. While the scrub itself is moisturizing, with extracts of coneflower and St. John's Wort, it also prepares the skin for subsequent treatments, making them more effective.

We've all heard it before: the eyes are the window to the soul. So then why not take care of them? With it's exquisite texture, the Eye Fluid Line F is a perfect introductory product to the world of eye care. It nourishes, strengthens and vitalizes the sensitive skin under the eye, while increasing elasticity and providing long-lasting moisture. 

For a more intensive treatment, the Eye Rescue Stick combats fine lines, puffiness and dark circles, using a combination of green coffee, jasmine and hawthorn. It has an instant refreshing feeling and cooling effect, leaving your eyes looking fresher, younger and rested. 

We all need a little boost in the depths of winter... or anytime! The luxurious Body Butter pampers the skin with a combination of olive oil, shea butter and honey, which is particularly beneficial to the skin. Though the texture is rich, the cream is easily absorbed into the skin, making the skin smooth and supple. 

The nails are somehow usually overlooked, but not any longer. The nutrient-dense Nail Oil is formulated with a combination of nut oils to bring deep moisture to the nail beds and cuticles. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and allows the skin to restore itself. Hang nails be gone!

One of the easiest ways to dip into the world of natural skincare is to dip into a mask. It's also, happily, one of the most effective. Pamper yourself at home to a mini treatment by choosing two to do back to back. 

The Calming Mask is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, as the botanicals help heal and reduce redness and irritation, all the while promoting the skin to become less sensitive over time. Skin stressed by the elements or the sun will be grateful.

Feeling tired? The Glow Mask will restore you. Tingly upon application thanks to the ginger extract, this mask promotes skin cell renewal and gently removes dead cells, all without irritation. It promotes collagen production and leaves the skin hydrated. 

The Moisturizing Mask is perfect for anyone, anywhere. With hyaluronic acid to provide immediate and long lasting hydration, almond oil for strengthening, wheat germ oil for the skins metabolism, and pansy extract for a soft and plumped complexion, what more could you want? 

Designed to deeply and gently cleanse the skin, the Healing Earth Mask promotes detoxification while reducing blemishes and soothing redness and inflammation, while also minimizing pores. Follow with the Moisturizing Mask for the ultimate experience. 

Photography : Ian Lanterman

Model : Tia Gronlund

Styling : Sophia Bosa

Direction : Karyna Schultz