Dan Garrod is a Vancouver-based industrial designer and one half of James Coward. We recently caught up with him at his residence and had him try on some of his favourite pieces currently at the shop.

Favourite garment that you own?
It's tough to pick a favourite; it changes every few months! For a long time it was a Frank Leder deutschleder coat. Right now it's probably a Marni jacket I got while in Milan a couple years ago and a Porter side bag I recently got in Osaka.

What are you currently reading?
I recently picked up Hasegawa Conversations with European Architects while travelling. It's been a pretty enjoyable and insightful read.

One song that you will never tire of?
The Gymnopédies by Erik Satie.

What is your favourite meal?
I'm a sucker for really simple and well done pizza! The quattro formaggi from Pizzeria Farina is probably my favourite in Vancouver.

Current obsession?
Achille Castiglioni's Parentesi floorlamp.

What's the next thing you're going to make?
This Summer, I'm working on some new pieces for my brand, James Coward, as well as producing objects for two shows I'm planning to put on in the Fall with a couple friends.