Since opening in 2011, we've had the fortune of befriending a myriad of people in the city coming from all walks of life. Some we were acquainted with from the start and others we've entangled paths with more recently. In this first set of portraits, we've asked a few of those friends to come by and wear their favourite pieces they have collected from Neighbour over the years, or choose something that they've been currently eyeing for their wardrobe.


Lisa Jones wears a silk grid print shirt from Marimekko


Paul Grunberg wears the Acne Studios denim Isherwood shirt


Alcee Li in the Mila short sleeve merino sweater by Etienne Deroeux


Josh Olson layers the DDUGOFF baseball coat over a pink Our Legacy sweatshirt 


Sze-Er Huang wears the Municipal shirt by Stephan Schneider


Peter Cardew wears a Harris Wharf pressed wool bomber jacket


 Patratiya Sanspruskin in a knit crop top from Etienne Deroeux


Pius Jung-Kit Chan wears his Stephan Schneider polo shirt


Daniel Garrod wears the waterproof Niuhans work jacket


Grace Ko chose the Y's by Yohji Yamamoto mini-sleeve shirt 


Malcolm Lam wears the Lemaire 3 pocket shirt 


David Allison chose the Sunspel Riviera polo in black cotton