In the Studio:
Nathalee Paolinelli

Operating out of a humble studio on a quiet Strathcona back street, Nathalee Paolinelli exudes quiet confidence through each one of her creations. Sunlight beams through the windows illuminating dried clippings of flowers, casting an array of dancing shadows across walls lined with an extensive display of works, both new and old. Characterized by paper thin forms and delicate, undulating torn edges Nathalee’s organic silhouettes favour neither the formal nor the functional. We visited Nathalee at her studio as she prepared the collection currently on display at 51 Powell.


I had always considered ceramics but never tried it out. The transition to this medium came out of my disdain for my current art practice at the time. I needed to try something different.

Making with clay is all about timing, and the material helps you make a decision. When it dries up, is sanded to perfection and glazed, it is finished. I create in stages and the ceramics imitate each other, building upon each collection intuitively.


I’m kind of a porcelain nerd. I want to try every and any type of porcelain I can find. As heat affects the clay it also affects the glaze. Different clays and glazes produce different outcomes each time. There are many layers and factors that come into play from an idea’s conception to its execution.



I have a fairly fixed routine and gain a lot of inspiration from memories, deep dives or investigation. My appreciation for nature is a huge influence. Working during the pandemic has enriched my practice in such a way that I truly appreciate having a studio as well as the time and health to create over the last year.


On Audience

As a person who prefers to be in the studio I hope that my audience finds me. I appreciate and value the organic connections I have made over the years, especially when it happens by chance.



I hope to have the time to make tiles, large pots and more one of a kind stunners. I look forward and try to not look back.