Lipstick on a glass is usually such a bother for holiday hosts, unless your glass is as beautiful as this. Made in Tokyo by Hirota Glass using traditional methods, the opalescent checkers are made by rapidly heating and cooling the glass.













Better get that cute girl's number quick! The Kaweco pens have a compact design, perfect for keeping in your pockets for emergencies such as this.














Watch out! Treat your friends to some holiday cheer before they beat you to the punch. With a wallet as eye-catching as the Super Fluo series from Comme des Garçons, it's hard not to attract attention.



Holiday parties can attract crashers, and shady ones at that. Who wouldn't be attracted by the Lemaire Camera Bag? Moulded, glossy leather and a surely sophisticated owner.


Some used to say that a true gentleman is never without a handkerchief, a comb, a pocketknife and a lighter. These gentlemen rushed to light this fine lady's cigarette, with aplomb and pleasure, for the Tsubota Pearl lighters are a pleasure to hold.


If only holiday shopping were as easy a from a choice of three! It doesn't have to be a headache, and sometimes less is more. Three beauteous watches from Uniform Wares.


After everything is over, and everyone is gone, and quiet descends upon the house, make cleaning up a bit more luxurious with the scent of Santal 26, from the one and only Le Labo.