Movement and gesture have always been key for the designers at Lemaire, where they practice a functional minimalism that allows a woman to move. Here, Jeni shows the swing of wool in the Wrapover coat

Mannish pieces combined in a feminine way; a new take on "uniform dressing". This time, we literally borrowed from the boys, and took the men's Seersucker Soft Jacket, layering it over the Large Sleeve Shirt and the Twisted Pants.

Let's sway. Above, Jeni relishes the freedom given by the Two-Pleat pants, which is nicely complimented by the tight silhouette of the Fitted Cable Knit Sweater over the satin High Neck Tee Shirt. To the right, she wears the Sleeveless Wrapover Dress, over the men's Long Sleeve Tee-Shirt and Seersucker Elasticated Trousers.  

“I want fashion that accompanies the personality,” said Lemaire. “Allowing freedom of movement and gesture, the clothes should allow a woman to be herself.” Jeni wears the Knit Sleeveless Sweater and the Straight Thornproof Wool Trousers

The Zipped Blouson, with it's cropped shape and crisp cotton, makes an excellent partner with the Twisted Pants. The volume of the pieces is a hallmark of the line, giving the wearer an edge, which still allowing her to move freely. 

Jeni again wears the Knit Sleeveless Sweater, over the Organic by John Patrick Camisole, set off by a collar from Sophie Buhai. The magic of Lemaire lies in the clothing's ability to make one more oneself, because you never have to think about what you are wearing. You know you look great.