Our NeighboursCharles Guan

Charles Guan is an art director and founder of Mighty Canvas inc, an entertainment art + design studio based in Vancouver. Originally from Toronto, he's been working in the Vancouver entertainment industry for the past 20 years in animation, film, TV, and games, as well as projects within sportswear apparel. Currently residing in East Vancouver with his partner Sharilyn, two kids Adelaide and Reid, two dogs, and three cats, Charles is recognizable by his unique style. You will find him in a mix of old and new garments, pairing oversized Japanese silhouettes with functional technical fabrics, always topped off with some form of headwear. We caught up with Charles on a Wednesday morning between meetings at his Gastown studio located in the historic Dominion building.

What gets you up in the morning?

Running a small art + design studio, everyday is a bit of a surprise. Good surprises more often than not. Whether it's new exciting projects coming in, or treats from clients for good work, these keep myself and the team motivated to crush daily. Ultimately stoked and eager to get to the studio each morning to see how the day will unfold.

Do you have a daily routine?

Weekday routines start with a cup of coffee and a lift to school with my daughter. Once I arrive at my studio, windows get opened for some fresh air, and I light up the morning incense. The rest of the day is keeping up with clients, and racing to make it home to spend time with family, and dog walks to wind down. The weekend routine is all about soccer, football, futbol, whatever you want to call it. Both of my kids play competitively, so my wife and I are enjoying this time as soccer parents. Super fun for two artists who ended up with two athletic kids. Who would have thought!

Favourite garment that you own?

Y's for Men is my go to for everyday wear. My favourite piece is a button up shirt in a wool, nylon, angora blend. For special occasions, I have an incredible craft marble silk short sleeve button up by Dries Van Noten that I love.

What is your favourite meal?

Hard to pick a favourite, but I'm a big fan of Lupo (Yaletown) for special nights, and for an everyday mom and pop hidden gem, Kinemi's kitchen (Champlain Heights) for Japanese style pasta. That said, if I could only eat one type of meal for the rest of my life, it might have to be dim sum, with izakaya as a close second.

One song you will never tire of?

Has to be a classic. Everybody Loves the Sunshine by Roy Ayers. Nothing feels wrong when it's playing.

What’s the next thing you’re going to make?

Already started, and in the works, I'm making an artist series of tees, pins and everything in between for Mighty Canvas merchandise.

Any recommendations?

I recommend hitting up usedinternetshop. A local source of vintage Y's and Comme des Garcons if you like that sort of vibe. A passion project story for us all to enjoy.