Make your way to the Features page today to read the first in our new series of dialogue; a conversation with Daisuke Hamada, the proprietor of beloved Tokyo-born label, Niuhans. With a formal background in architecture, and tenures at ateliers in both Paris and London, Daisuke brings a worldly sensibility to the brand. Conceptually, the label's modest approach focuses on the use of natural textiles and what can be considered everyday clothing, elevated to enrich daily life. For the independent designer, it is the nuances of each garment that he finds joy in developing, as he produces with a masterful eye for shape, pigment, depth and building on classic design.

Our interview touches upon some of this: his brand concept, how the collection develops each season and the interesting details about Daisuke as a designer.

Natural Course: Daisuke Hamada of Niuhans. Read Here.