Sifting through the holiday clutter is no easy task, so we've organized your browsing options for the days leading up to Christmas. This way no holiday gem will be left unseen, no stocking will be hung unstuffed.


"Art Enthusiast" Combo : Comme des Garçons Serpentine eau de parfum, Casa Malaspina Acrobat pin, Casa Malaspina Algae 01 earrings and 03 earrings, Cy Twombly Gallery book (see in store) 



"Well Traveled" Combo : Mismo Nomad wallet, Uniform Wares watch, Kaweco Liliput pen, Maximum Henry keychainShuron sunglasses



"Dearest Neighbour" Combo : Neighbour Shetland sweater, Neighbour Alpaca scarf, Monkey Fist keychain, Casa Malaspina A-Ok pin, Neighbour Merino toque, Neighbour planner



"The Kitchen" combo : Kiosk Famos vegetable peeler, Kiosk Net bag, Kiosk Danish dishbrush, Comme des Garçons Harissa parfum, Kiosk Portugese sugar bowl, Small Spells polka dot bowl (see in store), Spa Food book (see in store)



"Tutti Frutti" Combo : Chen Chen cantaloupe bowl, Wary Meyers Grapefruit and Clementine soap, Wary Meyers Cucumber and Cilantro soap, Comme des Garçons Rhubarb perfume, Comme des Garçons Peppermint perfume, Kiosk Citra Sipper, Ahnlund-Karlen Apple bird feeder



"From Japan with Love" Combo : Kiosk Cedar Teabox (see in store); Bonne Maison Kimono Oiseaux socks, Monocle x CDG Hinoki perfume, Comme des Garçons Kyoto candle, Kiosk checkered eyeglass case, Wary Meyers Cherry Blossom soap, Takazawa Nanohana candle set 



 "In Flight" Combo : No Ka Oi Gummed pouch (see in store), Hayo magazine, Monk Oil, F. Miller lip balm, Kiosk pearl eyeglass case, Shuron sunglasses, Kaweco Chess Ballpoint pen