Traditionally, Scottish sweaters have been crafted for fishermen in order to provide comfort and warmth. The Shetland Islands, which are about 170 km north of mainland Scotland, are a group of 100 land forms; of these, only 16 are inhabited. This region has a cold and windswept climate. The Shetland inhabitants have made their living through the centuries by fishing, crofting, and knitting.

 As a reaction to this climate, Shetland knitwear utilized the warm, super soft, and lightweight yarns produced by the native sheep. Originally introduced by Norse settlers in the 9th century, these grazing sheep produced a beautiful wool which lent itself better to knitting, rather than weaving. This wool was not only heavier than lambswool, but also warmer, ideal for the dynamic northern climate.

 It is with pleasure that we present one of our favourite sweaters, lovingly crafted by Harley of Scotland, in five colours this season: Winter White, Blue Denim, Charcoal, Mole Brown, and Pine Shadow Green.

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