For Mckenzie Raley, finding a bra that fit was trouble. Either it was uncomfortable from the underwire, or padded, or had bows and lace, or didn't support, or was hot pink. She began what became a two-year research period to create her perfect bra, and in turn Land of Women

Land of Women launched with a pared down collection of just six pieces, in one colour, in one fabric. As she says, "Our six-piece essentials are made of a power net that has a really high retention. It almost borders on shape wear because it's very supportive [so you don't need the underwire]; more supportive than any kind of cotton, jersey, or what typical wireless bras are made out of. It's still really sheer, but just has a little more muscle to it."

This idea, of refining a collection until it's at it's most minimal point is a rarity these days. But for Raley, the concentration was always on the woman, on every shape a woman has. "I think it's important when designing functional pieces like bras and panties to accommodate as many body types as possible. The fabrics we use expand with you but still maintain a higher retention. […] In general, I think there is a huge gap in the intimates industry. It's either really glamorous lingerie that's very feminine or it's pretty basic and lacks quality."

The woman she designs for has an eye for quality and simplicity; "she's straightforward; not a bows and lace type of woman, but appreciates a sexy bra that emphasizes her assets without creating any illusions." She's busy, strong, and down to earth. 

 The name came from an idea of women banding together, instead of working against each other. "Aside from sportswear, we really don't see women being powerful and confident in a way that isn't hyper feminine. And in that respect I'd like to redefine how people think of lingerie."