Spending time with British architect John Pawson's book, A Visual Inventory, is to feel your eyes refreshed. An avid photographer, Pawson takes scores of pictures everyday, recording things that spark him. Edited down to beautiful pairings, the book is like seeing through someone else's eyes, each photograph having it's own caption to point out the details one may miss in a cursory glaze. After looking through it, your walk home suddenly is transformed, filled with contrasts and details, as you start to notice your surroundings. Perhaps bricks abutting stonework; a repeated pattern of colour on a gate and tree; light falling. Pawson spends a lot of time thinking about light, and how it forms, hides and changes. Without saying so, he implores you to take more photos, take more time, look more, see more. Truly an inspiring book.

John Pawson's A Visual Inventory, is available in store. Images courtesy of johnpawson.com