We've recently curated a collection of rare archive and vintage print publications at our women's store. Subject matter varies through the selection and new publications will be added periodically, perhaps even on request. Prints available in-store. Please contact us for more details. Current titles include:

JOHN STEZAKERBritish artist John Stezaker has been highly influential on the art world, though he worked under the radar for a number of years since the 70s. His work is made using mostly found images, movie stills and publicity shots of actors, which he collages to surreal effects. The book is pulished by Whitechapel, and is a comprehensive look at Stezaker's work over the decades.

"Prints 1970-1986" by SOL LEWITT - Published in 1986 to accompany a solo show of prints at the Tate Gallery in London, this slim volume has a number of full colour plates of Sol Lewitt's conceptual and minimal prints. Lewitt came to printmaking 8 years after he made his first conceptual structure, but became an integral part of his practice. Many of the prints in the book are his exploration of lines and repetition.

"Visual Inventory" by JOHN PAWSON - Like many of us, architect John Pawson is a collector of images. This book is his attempt to do somehting with the images he has taken over the years of things that have caught his eye. They range from stacked dishes at an abbey, to frozen trash in Austria, to reflections on his walls, to flower petals strewn on the ground. Everything and anything is a source of visual inspiration, and Pawson explains what he saw.

"Memos: The Vogue Years" by DIANA VREELAND - Venerable Vogue and Harpers Bazaar editor Diana Vreeland has been having another moment in the sun lately, and a few brief moments spent with this book give us insight into why. Some say she was the first blogger, through his inter-office memos. She is full of passion and spark, writing memos to her staff and letters to the photographers, covering topics like jeweled hands, vitamins, and ideas for editorials.

"Les Vins De Gala" by SALVADOR DALI - A visual feast! Dedicated to his wife, and made as a companion to the cultish "Les Diners de Gala", Salvador Dali has made perhaps the most psychedelic book about wine, ever. It details certain types of wine as well as famous vineyards, but is most notable for the illustrations, which are, as one can only hope, as surreal as any of his other work.