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From Malmö, Sweden Founded in 2012

From Malmö, Sweden
Founded in 2012

When the childhood friends Sinan Abi Morshed and Per Fredrikson started Séfr back in 2012 it was in the form of a premium vintage shop. 

The idea of starting their own label appealed to them early on. The main goal was to create something timeless that in some way reflects the brand's history yet contemporary and unique pieces of clothing that you can't find anywhere else. They started off by creating a shirt which sold out in a heartbeat - and the number of garments has grown ever since.


The brand released its first full collection in the spring of 2016 and now sells a wide RTW collection of understated, retro-flirting garments with premium materials in focus. 
The designer Sinan Abi Morshed tells us that they are mostly influenced by womenswear. A lot of the details they put in Séfr garments come out of the inspiration they get from vintage women's pieces.