James Coward is a design-based project upstarted by two friends who are students of philosophy and industrial design, respectively. Their Autumn-Winter offering is now available in-store (and online soon) at Neighbour. To coincide with the new output of items, the label has produced a set of visuals with photographer Ian Lanterman entitled, "Isolation".

The images and ideas behind the AW16 offering came about as a reflection on the feeling of isolation and served as the catalyst towards the clothing (isolation as a means of creation). The designers expound on the idea that by acknowledging isolation as a necessary experience in the human condition, a person is able to transcend their condition by embracing it with the understanding that it leads to personal and creative growth.

 This notion of vulnerability is tied intimately with strength. A person who confronts their vulnerability is stronger than someone who is afraid to do so. "We aim to create our clothing strong to the point where it almost feels similar to armour. This is a form of protection against society, tangible through the robust fabric and construction, but there is also the significant conception of creating space within the garment for the user to feel a sense of autonomy and freedom. This type of clothing is meant to facilitate a private experience, even if the subject is in the public domain. I suppose it's a form of resistance against social convention, whereby we can still create a sense of obscurity, rather than exposing ourselves too quickly."

 This project also incorporates a strong sense of nostalgia. Moments spent traveling to foreign places, alone, and confronting isolation and vulnerability with a sense of strength and courage.




To complete the offering, James Coward also presents a special audio mix to soundtrack the experience. The mix, "Autumnal Webbing" is crafted by Ian Lanterman and can be heard on the player below: