It's rare thing when a new line emerges, ticking all the right boxes and firmly plants itself in the sweet spot of quality, construction, manufacturing ethics, wearability and aesthetic. It is these qualities that we are constantly on the lookout for and it seems we may have discovered something very special in Etienne Deroeux.

Trained in Belgium at Antwerp’s prestigious Royal Academy and La Cambre in Brussels, he cut his teeth interning at Peter Pilotto, then assisted designer Matthew Ames in New York. Deroeux presented his first collection in 2011 during Paris fashion week, and the young French designer has since been making a name for himself with his low-profile and impeccably tailored cuts that fuse French couture with American sportswear. 


Highly dedicated to producing his garments in France, his manufacturing ethos is based in quality and traceability rather than branding, with an emphasis on natural fibres and carefully handpicked materials.The line is produced in limited quantities, with each piece hand-numbered from 1 to 100, ensuring authenticity and exclusivity. His efforts to redefine the true meaning of quiet luxury are a blend of tradition and modernity putting practicality and a woman's comfort at the forefront, injecting details that only the wearer will notice.


"I think of the way clothes are worn rather than seen, how they fit into an everyday life, what they bring to different moments of the day, and how they can be twisted. They’re not for mannequins, but for women." Deroeux told CR Fashion Book.


Also a Woolmark Award finalist, Etienne Deroeux was selected two years ago as part of the Designers Apartment initiative, promoted by the Fédération Française de la Couture and DEFI to support young French designers.



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