As part of our on-going series where we ask friends of Neighbour to choose their favourite pieces this season, we are pleased to present selections by Douglas Coupland, renowned author and artist.


A novelist, short story writer, essayist, designer and visual artist - at the foundation of it all, Douglas Coupland is a communicator, whose life's body of work offers indelible insight into mass and modern culture.


Gosha Rubchinskiy Wool Check Jacket

"I like this jacket because it could never have existed in the 20th century. It’s one of those pieces of clothing that makes everyone want to touch you, which is weird for me because I’m touch-o-phobic."

Sunspel Riviera Long Sleeve Polo

"This shirt reminds me of Rem Koolhaas. It’s like his uniform. He’s ageless and so is this shirt."

Waka Waka Bookends

"These are so simple and so clean. Bookends and framed art are the two things that indicate you’re an adult in a good way."

Stephan Schneider Shirt in Double Dark

"This is the shirt/jacket hybrid that I’d end up getting buried in. Put a T-shirt on underneath and you can go to a Michelin 3-star or to Michaels Crafts. It transcends class."

Graham Roumieu's illustration work

"Graham is one of the world’s most gifted complex illustrators. When you enter his work, your mind goes into places you want to visit but that you’d never be able to get to on your own."

For more, see the current issue of Inventory magazine for an interview between Douglas Coupland and Ian Wallace.