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Acne Studios

From Stockholm, Sweden Founded in 1996

From Stockholm, Sweden
Founded in 1996

The Stockholm-based fashion-house, Acne Studios, was founded on the principle of multi-disciplinary direction. What began as an exercise in denim production has grown to become a well-respected, and multi-faceted creative network with diverging ventures into print, furniture, and exhibitions. In turn, the ready-to-wear collections have grown as well, as we witness, season after season, a focus on the juxtaposition of design with unique and attention-grabbing details and fabrics. By marrying those concepts found in photography, architecture, and art more generally, the company’s founder and Creative Director, Jonny Johansson, and his team, have built a brand worthy of ACNE’s original intention and direction, an Ambition to Create Novel Expression. This amalgamation of interests form the bones, the foundations, and the allure of Acne Studios.