The Cistus flower, on which Comme des Garçons has based their latest fragrance, Floriental, is completely odourless. How does one smell a flower with no scent? With no definite top, middle or base, each ingredient emerges and recedes in creative confusion, creating a new floral archetype. These ingredients include opulent sandalwood, woody vetiver, incense, pink pepper and laced with plum liqueur to enrich the floral. Labdanum, a warm resin obtained from the leaves and twigs of the Cistus shrub, lends to the fragrance its oriental signature.

To celebrate and elaborate on this unique creation, Comme Des Garçons called upon iconic fashion photographer Nick Knight (knowing of his long-time love affair with shooting flowers) to produce a short film that captures and echoes the concept- presenting a hallucinogenic floral breakdown, as a bouquet melts and disappears into nothingness on camera with a vaguely sinister beauty.

Floriental by Comme Des Garçons is now available in-store and on the webshop soon.