Founded by product and graphic designers, Pete Sutherland and Ross Baynham, INSTRMNT is a multi disciplinary team dedicated to one objective: to create minimal, high quality goods that are accessible to all.

The inception of the brand took place when both designers were students at Glasgow Caledonian University, “When we were studying we used to discuss watches all the time, but there was always something we wanted to change.” Fast forward a few years and the two graduates have designed their first watch called, Instrmnt 01. The essence of this piece is a synthesis of high quality Swiss components and simple, functional design, “We want to know the time and the date. That’s it.”

Thoughtfully designed in their Glasgow studio, this watch draws inspiration from mid-20th century industrial design. In particular, Instrmnt 01 references amp meters, volt meters, and their dials, which Sutherland and Baynham have been collecting: “We love them and collect them. The watch comes ‘exploded’ so you get pins, the casing, strap parts and a tool, which are nicely laid out.”

The Instrmnt 01 Watch: HERE