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Auntie Oti

From Brookyln, NY/India
Founded in 2011

A small collection of humble, handmade pieces celebrating India's beauty and love of craftsmanship. Founded with the mission to spotlight traditional “non-designed” everyday Indian items made from khadi, fabric made from hand-spun yarn by craftspeople in small, government-sponsored weaving groups all across the country.

Metal Lassi Cup
$70.00 CAD
  • vintage
Polka Dot Throw Ink
$275.00 CAD
  • 34" x 76"
Polka Dot Throw Citrus
$275.00 CAD
  • 34" x 70"
Indigo Kantha Quilt
$295.00 CAD
  • sizes vary
Kantha Coaster
$12.00 CAD
  • various colours