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Carta Pura

From Münich, Germany
Founded in 1985

Founded in 1985 by Jonathan Osthoff, Carta Pura products convey a strong passion for colour, form and material. Specializing in Japanese papers, selected stationary and book binding materials, the company has grown from its humble beginnings of ‘pure paper’ into a globally loved well rounded collection. These products are thoughtfully designed by staff members themselves, after long years of subtle adjustments that evidently set them apart from the rest.

Red/Blue Pencil
$3.00 CAD
  • double sided
Notebook Graph Paper Mint
$5.00 CAD - $6.75 CAD
  • A6
  • A5
Notebook Graph Paper Black
$5.00 CAD - $6.75 CAD
  • A6
  • A5
Rivoli Notepad A6
$16.00 CAD
  • pink
  • ivory
Mini Pencil
$2.50 CAD
  • 4.5"
Carta Varese Origami Set
$14.00 CAD
  • lines + patterns
  • dots + colours
  • flowers + garlands
  • tiny flowers