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From London, England Founded in 2020

Founded by Janny Jingyi Ye in 2020, seventyfive allows cultural heritage and references to ancient Chinese aesthetics to influence the terrain of their contemporary fashion ideologies. 

The budding London brand exhibits a research-led approach to its designs through a combination of late-19th and early-20th-century archival photography, magazines, and illustrations from China.  Additionally, both written and oral family history is sifted through to expose exquisite details that make up the rich elements of each piece. Interpretations of these garments are thoughtfully designed and fully realized from start to finish in their north London studio. The result is nothing short of exceptional; the heirloom quality of each garment is immediate. Seventyfive’s clothing depicts a relationship between body, object, identity, and memory. Offering themselves as functional reminders of the past while upholding contemporary styles that remain timeless.