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Women Men Objects Editorial


From New York, USA
Founded in 2016

From New York, USA
Founded in 2016

New York based designer, Emily Adams Bode, has been compiling her fabric collection since childhood. In addition to Victorian quilts, handwoven African textiles, and dish towel deadstock, Emily also works with a couple from India to create abstract floral fabrics.


After completing a dual degree degree in menswear design and philosophy, Bode went on to intern at Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, and Reformation, as well as spending two years as a buyer for Rising States in the L.E.S.


Developing her patterns from vintage garments, Emily utilizes generous proportions for her clothing. These garments are able to compliment many different body types. Breathing new life into vintage fabrics and forms appears at the heart of Bode's philosophy: "I'm repurposing that labor of love into a new piece that will be utilized. It gains a new function." Rather than selling looks, collection, or operating on a seasonal schedule, Emily places her focus on the individual garments: "I want you to fall in love with an individual piece, just as I'm passionate about each individual piece."