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Maria La Rosa

From Milan, Italy
Founded in the 1990s

Leaving her native Sicily for Milan and Paris, where she worked as a fashion stylist, Maria La Rosa always carries with her the Sicilian sensibility of escaping haste and focussing on manual work. Each piece signed with her name is handmade, combining a careful selection of fine materials with centuries-old weaving techniques, while always looking for innovation. The end results are refined pieces produced in limited quantities.

One Ribbed Silk Socks
$38.00 CAD
  • cipresso
  • carota
  • nocciola
Organic Cotton Ribbed Socks
$53.00 CAD
  • yellow
  • navy
  • white
Vanish Dye Socks
$45.00 CAD
  • green
  • orange
  • rust
Wool Ankle Socks
$55.00 CAD
  • crimson
  • azure
  • chocolate
Laminated One Sock
$70.00 CAD
  • gold
  • rosa antica
  • forest
Organic Cotton Wide Rib Socks
$52.00 CAD
  • cobalt
  • fuschia
  • grass green
One Ankle Silk Sock
$40.00 CAD
  • tabacco
  • perlino grey
  • glicine