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OCTOBER 14, 2015, by Joseph

In a new, on-going series where we ask friends of Neighbour to choose their favourite pieces this season, we are pleased to present selections by Ryan Willms, Inventory Magazine's editor-in-chief.

The Vancouver-based creative known for founding Inventory Magazine, and more recently for his new role as marketing director of Stussy, is often busy and on the move. Despite a demanding schedule, Ryan always seems to make time to visit the shop and take a thoughtful look through our latest deliveries. These are five of his favourite pieces. 


1) Gosha Rubchinskiy Flannel Half Pullover

"Gosha’s Fall-Winter ’15 collection was probably his best yet, making some serious strides with his mid-weight and outerwear pieces. This pullover has a cool silhouette and I like the oversized collar."



2) Comme des Garcons Classic Wallet

"The wallet collection from CDG is always good, and I’ve been leaning towards getting a small clutch sized option for myself, and this one is just androgynous enough."



3) Neighbour Shetland Sweater

"Neighour’s in-house products are always classic, understated and easy pieces to mix in. The Shetland wool sweater is probably my favourite, especially in Winter White."


4) John Pawson’s A Visual Inventory

Pawson is an incredible talent, and his tastes and aesthetic perspective go well-beyond the interiors he designs. From graphic design to photography, he can do little wrong and this book is a fine example of how even the most casual observations can be packaged in a beautiful way.


5) Acne Ash Jeans 

"It’s surprisingly hard to find the perfect black jeans. The right fabric, the right cut and the right shade of black—maybe these are them?"



IG: https://instagram.com/r_willms/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/compendium-studio
Inventory: http://www.inventorymagazine.com/
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