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Women Men Objects Editorial


From London, England
Founded in 2010

1205 was spurned by a need for timeless and utilitarian clothing. The colour palette adopts a modern austere vision in a colourful monochrome of greys, blue, blacks and whites. Head designer Paula Gerbase is a Central Saint Martins Womenswear alumna and trained in couture tailoring at the atelier of Hardy Amies, Savile Row followed by a 5 year stint as Head Designer of Savile Row tailor Kilgour. Here, Gerbase developed her eye for quality of fabric and construction and her distinct minimalist aesthetic. Traditional tailoring techniques are fused with a relaxed sensitivity while using high quality fabrics, offering a wealth of textures from knit jersey and highest quality English wool/mohairs to high-count Swiss cottons and modernist nylons.


The deconstruction of tailored norms creates a collection with a focus on considered design, thoughtful fabric choices, precision and purity. Neighbour is the first North American store to carry the 1205 collection.