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From Denmark

Mismo is a contemporary Danish leather goods company formed by husband & wife co-founders Alexander Bach and Rikke Overgaard. In a near decade of operation, the brand has remained firmly based in Danish design detailing, classic craftsmanship and straightforward functionality. Premium quality leathers and sophisticated materials are the backbone of Mismo design, but there is always a sense of purposeful minimalism attached to every piece in the collection. Each item is meant to withstand the rugged everyday haul of life and age well with time while upholding an intelligent aesthetic.

MS Flair Charcoal
$248.00 CAD $310.00 CAD
  • One Size
MS Goods Black
$368.00 CAD $460.00 CAD
  • One Size
MS Everything Black
$700.00 CAD $875.00 CAD
  • One Size
Mini Wallet Black
$140.00 CAD
  • One Size
Travel Pouch Black
$320.00 CAD
  • One Size
Classic Belt Black Brass Buckle
$185.00 CAD
  • 85
  • 90
  • 95
  • 100
MS Express Black
$590.00 CAD
  • one size
MS Laundry Camo Jacquard
$138.00 CAD $185.00 CAD
  • One Size
MS Flair Black
$310.00 CAD
  • One Size
Cards Dark Brown
$105.00 CAD
  • One Size