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Oliver Church

From Paris, France

From Paris, France

Coming to Paris by way of London from his home of Waitakere, New Zealand, Oliver Church works to eschew the traditional business model of the garment industry in favor of an approach that is decidedly more personal. Each item is cut, sewn, and finished personally by Oliver in Paris. Due to France’s rich history of hemp, linen, and cotton textile production, Church opts most often for vintage and reclaimed fabrics in his sourcing process. The age of the fabric adds both character and a sense of timelessness that connects us to the past though the designs themselves are modern in proportion. Most often naturally dyed by Oliver himself, there are further layers of life added to each item and they are not only expected but encouraged to change over time. Each item is meticulously finished by hand, almost all with hand sewn buttonholes, lending each one a distinctive aura. Due to the nature of his production methods, quantities are limited to a mere twenty pieces a month and are made to order. Each garment is accompanied by a cotton garment bag for storage.