TRESTLE SHOPAt 51 Powell Street

The Trestle Shop comes to life - a special installation by TENDER CO. and Neighbour, at our 51 Powell Street store. Tender is a contemporary British workwear label that draws its inspiration from the Great British Steam Age, in particular the antiquated work uniforms and machinery from that era of the 19th century. Designer and Central Saint Martins alum, William Kroll, rethinks archival designs with as much a utilitarian viewpoint as he does an artisanal one (through labor-intensive methods and unique old world dyeing techniques). Tender heeds to historical reverence while asserting Kroll's slow evolutionary approach to clothes-making.


TRESTLE SHOP takes its name from railway trestle bridges of the 19th Century, and operates from the top of a trestle table, rather like a market stall or a spare parts bench in a locomotive workshop. This is a project of Tender Co. designer William Kroll and his wife Deborah. The installation at 51 Powell Street will house a selection of Tender hand-made objects, new and archived garments, rare bits and bobs from the designer's workshop in the West Country of England.


Open from April 11 - May 11, Thursdays to Sundays.