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Cereal 06 Magazine Excerpt: Trees of Vancouver

Posted on July 17, 2014 in Cereal Magazine, Jeremy Koreski

The latest volume of Cereal Magazine highlights the coastal city of Vancouver, a place near and dear to the heart of the publication's editor-in-chief, Rosa Park. This digital excerpt features some of the oldest, most valuable elements of our ecological landscape - our trees. Read more for a bit of a history lesson on our city's prized and revered natural resource. The images by Jeremy Koreski are quite stunning as well.

Trees of Vancouver - Natural Cover

Preview: Our Legacy AW14 'Light'

Posted on July 11, 2014 in AW14, Our Legacy, Our Legacy "Light"

Our Legacy's Autumn-Winter 2014 campaign has begun. The extensive collection contains many of Our Legacy's signature cuts and classic fabric choices, but also enjoys a handful of new seasonal motifs and exquisitely interesting textiles. Below are some previews which include a few pieces from our upcoming selection. 


For the full Our Legacy AW14 preview, please click here.

Inspiration Behind Christopher Raeburn AW14 'Polaris'

Posted on July 10, 2014 in AW14, Christopher Raeburn, Ragnar Axelsson

Last Days of the Arctic - What has been described as a haunting, awe-inspiring exhibition by Icelandic photographer, Ragnar Axelsson, had become a prevalent source of inspiration for Christopher Raeburn when creating his collection for Autumn-Winter 14. In a disappearing world of craft, culture and community, the resourcefulness and stoicism of the men and women captured in Axelsson’s images and their ability to endure the harshest of conditions, resonated with Christopher Ræburn’s ongoing interest in protection and preparation.

Style, function and meticulously referenced detail remain paramount for AW14; heavy outerwear is layered with knitwear and lighter garments, offering protection against the harsh arctic elements. The ‘POLARIS’ collection captures lost cultures and changing landscapes, inspiring the archeologist and the explorer in you. Axelsson's Last Days of the Arctic is available through most major outlets. Below is a preview of the book in video format.

View the Christopher Raeburn AW14 'Polaris' collection here.


Same Paper: Lifestyles

Posted on July 05, 2014 in Books, Same Paper


Our friend Andy brought us this photo zine entitled Lifestyles from Shanghai. Developed by Same Paper, the zine features "photos from 7 young photographers both from China and abroad, using juxtaposed images which share a similar sense of recessive humor or other common grounds together, to sum up popular photography themes. It also induces observation methods like diagonal composition, making objects graphics-alike, and get involved with digital technologies." The photographers include Charlie Engman, Jeremy O'Sullivan, Ka Xiaoxi, Shen Li, Xiaopeng Yuan, YJ Wang, and Zhengdong Xu. We have a couple copies available in store for purchase.


Collection Looks: Christophe Lemaire SS14

Posted on June 16, 2014 in Christophe Lemaire, SS14

The second segment of our Collection Looks series spotlights eponymous Parisian label, Christophe Lemaire; a collection which extracts the elegant nuances from historical Asian workwear while maintaining relaxed silhouettes, rich, muted palettes and an essential wearability.

Click to view: Collection Looks: Christophe Lemaire SS14

To view the collection in our webshop, click here


Henrik Vibskov at Gallery Ruttkowski;68

Posted on June 10, 2014 in Henrik Vibskov, Vibskovski;72

“I like to work on many different things and then it’s about peaking on the right thing at the right time,” says Vibskov. “What I’m doing, it creates a playground where I can test different things off and sometimes yeah, okay, it becomes a joke, but then actually it becomes very serious.” 

Multidisciplinary creative, Henrik Vibskov, is a man who takes on many different forms as fluidly as possible. His most current work outside of the fashion realm, resides at Ruttkowski;68, a contemporary art gallery in Cologne, Germany. Vibskov's solo exhibition, entitled Vibskovskii;72 II, features a selection of new photographs, woodcuttings and abstract objects all of which can be viewed on their website.

Link: Vibskovskii;72 II