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Suggested Viewing: Being There

Posted on April 05, 2014 in Being There, Chauncey, Nathalie Bouhana, Peter Sellers

Brussels-based, knitwear-predominant brand Chauncey takes its moniker from an American comedy-drama film based on the quirky persona of an innocently oblivious middle-aged gardener, played by British actor Peter Sellers. The brand's garment labels often come adorned with quotables from the simple-witted protagonist in the film and to a degree inform the artful playfulness of the knitwear company.

'Dirt and Not Copper' at 221A, Apr 3-May 10

Posted on April 03, 2014 in 221A, Lorna Macintyre, Zin Taylor

If you're lurking around Chinatown this evening, there is a new exhibition opening at 221A gallery on East Georgia. Dirt and Not Copper features the work of Zin Taylor (Brussels) and Lorna Macintyre (Glasglow) exploring the connections between objects, narrative and methods of storytelling.

Reception, April 3 @ 7PM. Artist talk, April 5 @ 2PM.

Exhibition materials here.

Christophe Lemaire's 'Daily Details'

Posted on April 02, 2014 in Christophe Lemaire, Details Magazine, Remodelista

Lemaire pictured above with his wife, Sarah-Linh Tran.

Christophe Lemaire touches on some of the rules and essentials of his own personal fashion sensibilities in the latest installment of Details Magazine's "Daily Details". Follow the link.

As a bonus read, here is a light-hearted Q&A conducted by Remodelista with Lemaire and his partner in life and work, wife Sarah-Linh Tran - link.

New Feature: 2014 March Editorial

Posted on March 25, 2014

This new March editorial features the influx of recently delivered Spring items artfully photographed amongst the various objects and backdrops of our own interior space. Items featured from Stephan Schneider, Christopher Raeburn, Our Legacy and more.

View it now here.

Patrik Ervell and Cone Mill Denim

Posted on March 11, 2014 in patrik ervell, Selvedge Denim, White Oak Cone Mill

Custom trim tapered 5 pocket jean made by Patrik Ervell in collaboration with Cone Mill Denim

It is a wonder at times what the true value of a garment label reading the words, "Made in USA" really entails. Often not many factories in today's world can say with certainty that they proudly operate with the traits of superior craftsmanship and longevity unless it has been proven over time. Cone Denim is one of the remaining few in the United States who bears that authority and it is no wonder why Patrik Ervell, a label who strives to find the right factories to keep production on home turf, has sought out the century old manufacturer.